About Us

About Us

Established in 1991, the company was setup to provide high technology consulting services to clients in the field of mobile, RF communications and electronics. At a growth rate of almost doubling every year, Prototype Express has been very successful in completing its projects. These projects have ranged from analog RF communications IC design in the field of mobile telephony, mobile handset solution, production ready design of measurement instruments and complete design and implementation of a factory monitoring system with remote access.

Our aim:

Leading edge technology Research and Development for our clients to get ahead of their competitors. The development of electronic prototypes can save companies large amounts of money and time.
To develop advanced custom IC’s and circuits for clients in the areas of:

RF CommunicationsTx, Rx, Synthesizer
Signal processingBase-band A/D D/A
ASICSmart card

To develop GSM/PCN/DECT and other personal communications products for clients. Market already developed Industrial Automation Technology to modernize factories or license the technology to industrial machine manufacturers to be used on their products.

Strengths and achievements:

Proven IC design capability of the most advanced integrated circuits with many innovations.
Seven years of solid growth based purely on R&D in the field of Mobile telephonyIndustrial Automation, and Instrumentation.
A solid record for excellent performance in doing complex designs working simultaneously with 4 teams in 3 continents.
Proven SCADA technology with proprietary features.
Extremely motivated and well trained engineers.
Excellent documentation of all our work.
Transfer several patents a year to our clients.
We encourage customer interaction through out the entire design process by working in partnership with our Clients

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If you have any questions or would like to request additional information regarding our services please email Prototype Express at:

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