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The Mobile and RF communications

While staying at the forefront of the mobile technology that has been the driving force behind advanced technology in the last decade of the 20th century, we embrace the 19th century philosophy of meticulous attention to detail, service and quality.
We have a proven ability to develop advanced digital signal processing algorithm for the base band.
We have the ability to analyze existing protocol standards and debug existing signaling software in detail.
We are able to develop very efficient production test set-ups for complex RF systems.



Communications systems architecture and protocol analysis.

Personal Communications RF, baseband DSP, and protocol software design and development.

Design of RF boards including PCB layout.

Custom test software and hardware setups for production.

Protocol analysis of communication systems from standards such as GSM, DECT, DAMPS and ETACS.


Previous projects:

Design of an ETACS phone as a Radio Telephone Interface.


Design of GSM Handsets.

Development of GSM baseband software.

Design of family of cordless telephones for various standards including software and test setups.

Spread spectrum cordless telephone architecture.

Analysis of the protocol for the DAMPS base station.

Modeling and analysis of efficient RF amplifiers for mobile base stations.

Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

Design of a 3volts GSM codec chip, using oversampling delta-sigma converters.

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